Fast Car Graphics is owned/operated by racer and graphic designer Michael Cummings.

So many in the racing and track-day communities now have vinyl cutters and can cut stripes and numbers. What sets Fast Car Graphics apart from them and local sign shops is

  • Decades of experience as a professional visual designer, providing a wide range of design services to blue chip corporate enterprises.
  • Immersion in global automotive and racing cultures, from EV’s to F1, from the first chariot to the personal and sporting transportation systems to come.
  • A deep and abiding love of auto racing and its rich history.

There’s more to a good design than meets the eye. A professionally educated graphic designer can give you the benefit of the knowing and understanding of the principals and practices of visual communication, and combine it with accute sensitivity to the peculiarities of human perception in various contexts.

The career designer’s job is to give you the advantages of their knowledge and experience, adding some well placed, sometimes unexpected creativity to produce symbolic communications that are functional, expressive and uniquely recognizable.

Fast Car Graphics provides both expedient, “off the shelf” products, and bespoke custom graphics for your own, unique, personal brand. We provide customer-centered services. The choice is yours.


  • Racing Graphics for Northern California